Our teens are making a difference for Christ!

The purpose of the Lighthouse Baptist Church youth ministry is to reach the teens  with the gospel, and to teach and train them to have a personal, daily relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal for our youth is for them to grow up to be balanced, well-rounded, consecrated Christian adults. We believe that it is our responsibility to pass on to the next generation the Bible truths and principles that were given to us. We want to instill in them the importance of walking with God, and living a life that is surrendered to His purposes. Annual youth conferences, summer camps, mission’s trips, and youth retreats are geared to help our teens re-focus their relationship with God, while at the same time allowing them to have a lot of fun!


Opportunities for Teens:


Teen Activities

Almost every other week there are fun activities that our teenagers (7 - 12th grades) can be a part of. We have a very active program to give them time to spend with other Christian teens, and build each other up to serve God better. Equipping the next generation with the tools to serve God is the main goal of Lighthouse Baptist Church's Teen Department. We have a great variety of activities and try to keep them as affordable as possible.

Activity Schedule

A list of Scheduled Activities on-line so you can read, download, or print anywhere at anytime!.

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One of the many blessings to those who attend the services at Lighthouse Baptist Church is the soul-stirring music. We believe that music plays an important role in preparing hearts to receive the message that is preached from the pulpit. Our music is encouraging, uplifting, and Christ-honoring. There are a variety of choirs and singing opportunities as well as an orchestra for members of all ages to get involved and use their talents for the Lord.


Teen Soulwinning

Lighthouse Baptist Church has a intense outreach program focused on sharing the Gospel of Christ with the wonderful people of Orlando. Sharing our faith (often referred to as soul winning) is a privilege and a commandment. You can have hands-on experience in sharing the Gospel with the lost! Sharing your faith does not require any experience just a willing heart to go!


Annual Teen Conference

Each summer our teen department has the opportunity to attend other conferences and hosting a Youth Conference here in Central Florida. Our conference is pact full with great singing, red hot preaching, and life changing decisions. We have churches come from all over the state, but our church members and teens are the ones who benefit from the conference the most.


Vacation Bible School 

VBS is held during the month of July. The purpose of VBS is to stimulate growth and knowledge of the Word of God in a creative and fun atmosphere. The participants are provided with the tools needed to increase their faith in Jesus Christ, and to develop a desire to be obedient to him in a fun setting. The challenge between the adults and teens has become a fun yearly rival.VBS is not just for little kids!