Lighthouse Baptist Academy

3834 Howell Branch road
Winter Park, Florida 32792
Phone: (407)678-3890
Fax: (407)678-4412

Who we are.

Lighthouse Baptist Church started the Lighthouse Baptist Academy in August of 2008. This unique school is available to a select group of students from families that seek to live by the statutes set forth in the Word of God. Today, there is a great need for schools that stand for the Word of God, teaches students that come from families that believe and live the Bible, and maintains the Bible doctrines that have become known as “Historically Baptist” doctrines. For that reason we opened the Lighthouse Baptist Academy. This school is not for all Christians. Students will be accepted on the basis of available space; their character scholastic record; without regard to race, color, and national or ethnic origin; and a genuine desire on the part of the parents to have their children in a Baptist Christian School. Only those children whom we feel will adjust to our particular program, and whose parents agree to cooperate fully with the teachers, administration, doctrines and philosophy of the Lighthouse Baptist Academy will be admitted.
Here your child will be put in a classroom with a teacher that will love and pray for them.

Our Goals as a School

  • To train children spiritually, academically, and practically, preparing them to be available to God to be used for His glory.
  • To maintain a spiritual haven of education free from sinful and worldly practices or principles.
  • To assist Christian families in their Biblical command to train and teach their children. We are not attempting to raise children for families, but to assist families in training children.
  • To provide an avenue of Christian training that separated churches and families can trust.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Doctrine – the Bible is our authority for faith and practice.
  • Practice – we believe that the church is the foundation for every Biblical ministry and that church activity will have priority over school activity.
  • Holiness – seeking the approval of the Holy God of Heaven is our goal.
  • Atmosphere – we will maintain respectful, godly and joyful spirits among our faculty, staff and student body.
  • Attitude – we do not allow promiscuous or worldly behavior or speech to be present.
  • Position – we anchor ourselves to Biblical doctrines held by historical Baptists.